The Best Vegan Pot Brownie Recipe That You Are Sure To Love



You might be a savvy professional by day, a cannabis connoisseur by night, or perhaps you're both all the time. Whatever your story, one thing is certain: you appreciate life's finer things. That's why we know you will fall in love with this Vegan Pot Brownie recipe! This delicious plant-based pot brownie recipe will satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings while helping you kick back and relax too!

Be mindful of your dosage when using THC or CBD. Swipe up to learn more about CBD vs THC.

Let's tackle the elephant in the room. Why go vegan? Even if you're not plant-based, our vegan pot brownies offer a rich, delectable flavor without the dairy. And let's face it; it's always good to diversify your culinary repetoire. Plus, if you're sharing, they're an inclusive option for all your friends.

Decarboxylation, often dubbed "decarbing," is where the magic starts. To the uninitiated, this might sound like a complex alchemical process. But don't be intimidated. Simply put, it's about gently heating your cannabis flower to activate the THC compounds. This turns your regular, garden-variety cannabis into a potent ingredient, adding a toasty, nutty depth to your final dishes.

For those curious about the science behind cannabis cuisine, here's a tidbit: THC and CBD are lipophilic substances. Swipe up to learn what lipophilic means!

Nailing the perfect vegan pot brownie is like mixing a classic cocktail. It’s all about the proportions—balancing the potency of your THC Oil with the rest of your ingredients. This does involve a dash of precision, but don't sweat it; we're here to guide you through the math. Swipe up to learn how to infuse oil with THC!


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