How to Make THC Oil Two Ways


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If you are looking for a way to experience the benefits of THC without smoking weed, infusing recipes at home with infused THC oil is a wonderfully delicious, discreet option. Making THC-infused oil at home is easier than you might think too!

Yellow Dots
Yellow Dots

Be mindful of your dosage when using THC or CBD.

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Understanding Potency and Dosing

Baseline Measurements:

We'll start with some standard measurements and adjust them to our liking. At JAM, we assume our buds have a THC content of 10%. While this is considered low for modern cannabis, the precise THC measurement will be provided on the packaging if you purchase from a dispensary.


Calculating THC Content:

To determine the amount of THC in your weed, we need to do some math. One ounce of cannabis flower weighs about 28.35 grams or 28,350 milligrams. We multiply this weight by the THC percentage to estimate the THC content. Click the learn more tab for examples.


Adjusting for Recipe Size:

In this recipe for infused THC oil, we're using only ¼ ounce of cannabis flower. Swipe up to find the THC content for this amount.


Average Edible Dose:

The typical dose for edibles is between 5-10 milligrams of THC. Considering this range, you can see how a batch of infused THC oil made with the calculated THC content can last you a while.


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Two Ways to Infuse Oil with THC for Elevated Cooking.

The next step after decarboxylation is to infuse the oil of your choosing with THC. You can use any oil of your choice, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. You can even infuse butter with this method.

Why infuse in an InstantPot? 

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Step-by-step instructions for infusing oil with THC:

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Yellow Dots
Terrain Map

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Remove the lid and ring from the jar, and pour in your fat–be careful not to fill your jars above ¾ of their capacity. Set the lid and ring back on the top, locking in the cheesecloth. Gently place in the Instant Pot, and add water–enough to reach about halfway up the jar.


Lock the lid, and set the InstantPot to “pressure cook”.  Once cooked and cooled, unseal each lid and bring the ends of the cheesecloth together, creating a pouch. Squeeze the excess oil from the pouch as you remove it from the jar, applying enough pressure to reclaim the butter or oil but not so much that weed residue starts to seep out.


That’s it! Your infused fat is ready to cook with. Keep it in the fridge if you’ll be using it over the next few days, or in the freezer if you need to store it longer.

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